Best Tourist Places in India

India is a well-known tourist hub and an exciting holiday destination for exploring the wild, admiring architectural wonders, undertaking religious pilgrimages, going on a shopping spree, trying new adventures, discovering age-old historic treasures and lots more. With so many places to see and experiences to try, choosing that one perfect tourist destination in India for your next holiday can be quite confusing. This is why we have curated a list of the best tourist places in India that you can consider for your upcoming vacation and fulfill all your travel dreams!

  • Agra:

    The historic city of Agra is one of the most loved tourist places in India as it houses the world-famous Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. From architectural marvels such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri to mouthwatering local delicacies such as petha, this exciting tourist destination in India has it all.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March

  • Chandigarh:

    one of the best places in India , the well-planned city of Chandigarh has the perfect mix of traditional Punjabi culture and modernity. From its well-laid gardens to fascinating museums, every nook and corner of the city has something special to offer.

    Best Time to Visit: August to March

  • Coorg:

    Popularly touted as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg in Karnataka is characterised by its perpetually misty landscape, rolling green hills and aromatic coffee plantations. This charming little hill station with its scenic views and colourful culture is a must-visit for every ardent nature lover.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March

  • Dhanaulti:

    An offbeat destination nestled quietly in the hills of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti is like a long-lost pleasant dream that brings with it peace, comfort and quiet. If you have been on the lookout for a tranquil weekend getaway, then get your bags ready and head straight to this scenic and pristine little haven away from the city.
  • Goa:

    A list of best tourist places in India would be incomplete without a mention of the national party capital, the famous land of sun, sand and sea, Goa! The laid back vibes, the stunning beaches, the charming churches, the unique cuisine, the legendary nightlife and magical sunsets have made Goa a favourite destination for friends and family alike.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March

  • Jaipur:

    A vibrant amalgamation of the old and the new, the capital of Rajasthan, the ‘Pink City of India’, Jaipur is every traveller’s dream destination. From romantic places to impressive forts, from trendy upscale markets to old bustling bazaars, from cultural festivities to a rich and authentic cuisine, Jaipur truly has it all.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March

  • Kashmir:

    A paradise on earth, the enthralling beauty of Kashmir is recognised all over the world. The gentle streams, the cool breeze, the green valleys and the magical vistas are no less than a gorgeous painting. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places in India, Jammu and Kashmir is a must-visit destination.

    Best Time to Visit: April to October

  • Jodhpur:

    One of the most famous tourist places in India, the ‘Gateway to Thar Desert’, Jodhpur offers a glimpse of India’s rich historic past and royal legacy. Located in the middle of Rajasthan, it is one of the best cities to explore invincible forts, ancient temples, ancient bazaars and the colorful heritage of royal India.

    Best Time to Visit: November to February

  • Manikaran:

    A revered pilgrimage destination for Sikhs and Hindus, the three hot springs of Manikaran Sahib are believed to have a curative effect on diseases. Surrounded by an array of illustrious temples, these springs make for a popular destination among religious followers.

    Best Time to Visit: April to June

  • Munnar:

    Expansive tea estates, verdant hills and craggy peaks, the idyllic hill station of Munnar in Kerala is the ideal weekend getaway. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it offers an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate while soaking in the plentitude of nature.

    Best Time to Visit: September to May

  • Mussoorie:

    Nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges, Mussoorie or the ‘Queen of Hills’ is a popular holiday choice because of its pristine natural setting. If your ideal vacation involves green hills, serene surroundings and a stunning view of the snow-capped mountains, then Mussoorie offers the perfect unadulterated escape in the lap of nature.

    Best Time to Visit: September to June

  • New Delhi:

    The ‘Capital City of India’ and the city with a heart, New Delhi is a paradise for food lovers. From its grand malls to historic forts, from swanky restaurants to little street food stalls, from famous college campuses to beautifully landscaped gardens, Delhi is filled with unique treasures waiting to be discovered.

    Best time to Visit: October to March

  • Ooty:

    Shrouded in mystery and mysticism, Ooty was once the headquarters of the East India Company. Now, it is a well-known hill station in Tamil Nadu that enjoys a pleasant climate all year round.

    Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

  • Puducherry:

    A little town tucked away on the south-east coastline of India, Puducherry in Tamil Nadu is sometimes called the ‘French Riviera of the East’. Offering travellers some much-needed sanctity and serenity, its meandering streets and pristine beaches are picture-perfect.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March

  • Rishikesh:

    A tranquil spiritual center, Rishikesh is also an excellent hub of exciting water activities, making it a popular holiday destination among adventure enthusiasts and pilgrims alike. So, whether you have always wanted to meditate in the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ or it was your dream to get your heart racing while trying thrilling adventures such as bungee jumping and whitewater rafting, Rishikesh is where you should be.

    Best Time to Visit: September to April

  • Shimla:

    The capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the top tourist places in India. A gorgeous hill station with a rich colonial past, an iconic Mall road and a plethora of adventurous activities, it is immensely popular among honeymoon couples. Whether you want to escape the heat or enjoy a winter wonderland, Shimla is the place for you.

    Best Time to Visit: October to June

  • Udaipur:

    The crown jewel of the incredible state of Rajasthan, Udaipur is also known as the ‘City of Lakes’ and the ‘Venice of the East.’ Surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli hills in all directions, this charming city has abundance of both natural beauty and man-made splendour.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March

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Frequently Asked Question –

Which is the most famous place in India?

The Taj Mahal in Agra, being one of the seven wonders of the world is the most famous place in India and also one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Which is the best place to visit in India?

While there are plenty of tourist spots spread across the length and breadth of India, the Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the best places. An architectural marvel, this monument of love was India’s contribution to the seven wonders of the world.

Which is the most famous tourist place in India?

There are several famous tourist places in India such as Agra, Goa, Jaipur, Shimla, Kerala, etc. depending on the type of trip you want to undertake, you can find an exciting tour package on IRCTC Tourism and visit any famous tourist attraction in the country.

Which place is best for tourism?

As a diverse country with variations not only in topography but also in cultures, cuisines, languages, etc. India is a repository of interesting tourist sites. From the valleys of Kashmir to the backwaters of Kerala, there is an entire collection of places to visit and experiences to try.

Which city is most visited by tourists?

When we talk about foreign tourists, cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra and Chennai are the most visited cities in the country. As these cities are well-developed and well-connected, they receive plenty of tourists from all over the world.

What is the Best Season to visit in India?

The best time to visit India is during the winter months from November to March as the summers can be scorching hot. During winters, the weather remains pleasant in South India while some parts of North India receive snowfall.

Which is the No. 1 tourist place in India?

The historic city of Agra is often considered to be one of the best tourist destinations in India. Home to the world-famous Taj Mahal, it is also famous for magnificent monuments such as the Agra Fort and the walled city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Which is the cheapest tourist place in India?

Kodaikanal in South India is one of the most budget-friendly tourist destinations in India, if you’re looking for an affordable, all-inclusive tour package, then IRCTC Tourism has a great collection of budget-friendly tours for tourist attractions all over the country.