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About South India

One of the most diverse countries in the world, India has a lot to offer to tourists in terms of art, history, culture, heritage and landscape. Have you ever booked a South India tour package? If not, then it’s a pity because most people limit themselves to the North region when they visit India and deprive themselves of the pristine beauty of the South. Exhibiting a golden phase of Indian culture, heritage and religion, South India with its cultural diversity and splendid variety will not disappoint you either! Explore this full-fledged natural package of beauty and intrigue to delight your travel bug bitten soul. Rightly so, from exquisitely carved temples to breathtaking hill stations, from stunning backwaters to gorgeous beaches, South India has it all. Visit the magnificent temples of South India not only for their elegant architecture and design but also for the pious religious ambiance that will bring you closer to god. An experience with a different kind of horizon, there will be moments where you’ll be in awe of the skill of craftsmen who created timeless architectural pieces as well as a captivating journey into the religious heart of India. Tour the country’s famous temples to discover something beyond belief: the feeling we call India. Or if you prefer adventure, then indulge in some thrilling water sports in Goa’s gorgeous beaches or undertake a jungle safari at one of South India’s famous wildlife sanctuaries.

South India Tourism

Tourism in South India is slowly but steadily flourishing and it is not surprising given that South India has so much diversity that it can cater to every kind of tourist.

  • 1. History Aficionados: If you love walking through the ruins of ancient cities and exploring the famous caves from historic times, then a South India tour package is exactly what you need. The laid-back village of Hampi is one of India’s top historic destinations and for good reason. This erstwhile capital of the Vijaynagar Empire will offer you some captivating ruins to explore to your heart’s content. Badami, the former capital of the Chalukyas has some stunning rock-cut temples that were built in the 5th and 8th century AD. Even adventure lovers can have some fun here by participating in fun-filled activities such as rock climbing, trekking and cave exploration. Halebidu in Karnataka is another historic destination well-known for its glorious past, stunning Jain temples and the remains of the Hoysala Empire. If you want to move away from the noise of the big cities, then Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh has several imprints of history that will capture your imagination.
  • 2. Nature Lovers: Nestled in the verdant green hill-forests and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the South is a wonderland of pristine natural beauty. The stunning scenic beauty of Coorg, an alluring hill station in Southern Karnataka and the quiet, untouched golden beaches of Gokarna, a remote town in Karnataka are perfect places to unwind and leave all your worries behind. A walk through the gorgeous coffee plantations of Chikmagalur is an experience that will refresh you like no other. And a talk about South India’s pristine natural bounities is incomplete without a mention of its stunning backwaters. The dense forests of Kodaikanal with the fresh waterfalls and the resplendent view of the Palani hills will leave you with memories of a lifetime. So, don’t wait! Get your South India tour package today.
  • 3. Religious Pilgrims: One of the biggest tourist attractions in South India is its majestic temples and sacred spots that hold a special fascination for religious pilgrims all over the country. The Meenakshi Temple in ancient Madurai is a sight to behold, thanks to its stunning architecture and detailed artwork. The famous Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram is another destination that will leave you awestruck by its enthusiastic religious vibe and beautiful architecture. And if you want to relive the saga of Lord Rama, then it is time to make a small detour for Rameshwaram, a quaint pilgrim town situated in Southern Tamil Nadu that attracts a steady stream of devotees who like to bathe in the waters of its holy rivers. This not only boosts South Indian tourism but also gives pilgrims an opportunity for religious and spiritual purification.
  • 4. Adrenaline Junkies: In the pursuit of adventure? South India won’t disappoint. Try bamboo rafting in Thekkady to traverse its scenic waters and feast your eyes over its lush forests. But if you are looking for something more exhilarating, then kayaking and white water rafting in the beautiful waters of Dandeli will delight your soul. Paragliding in Munnar is another astounding experience that will enable you to soak up its abounding beauty while enjoying your fair share of adrenaline rush. Parasailing in the crystal clear waters of Gokarna will definitely leave a mark on your adventure junkie soul. If you have a thing for border hikes, bamboo rafting and night jungle patrols, then it is time to visit the famous Periyar National Park in Kerala. The options are plenty and for an adrenaline junkie, South India is their oyster.
  • 5. Heritage Connoisseurs: The ancient temples of South India with their tall structures and intricate carvings represent the fine Dravidian style of architecture and are a visual delight. Whether you want to appreciate heritage and poetry on stone or just want to experience the aura of divinity that surrounds these temples and other sacred sites, a tour with IRCTC Tourism will do complete justice to your goals. Listen to the age-old myths and legends associated with these places and let your children learn of their rich heritage through a journey they’ll never forget! Mysore’s impressive royal heritage and Madurai’s 4000 year old history are sure to catch your fancy. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway toy train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is also a great destination for heritage lovers. And when we talk about heritage, we cannot miss the ‘City of Nawabs’, Hyderabad that houses some amazing edifices that you must visit and is home to the very famous Charminar. To take a look at some more South India tour packages, their offerings and itineraries, you can visit the official IRCTC Tourism website

With one of IRCTC Tourism’s well-planned South India railway tour packages, you will not have to take care of anything as all your travel requirements will be catered to. So that nothing comes in the way of the fulfillment of your mind, body and soul. A beautiful repository of unique traditions, interesting history and engrossing art, and scenic sites, South India is a perfect holiday destination. And of course, you can modify a South India tour package however you want. So, if you want to add a destination to the itinerary, then all you have to do is reach out to us as we’ll customize your South India tour package accordingly. Why go through the hassle of looking for a destination, finding hotel accommodation, taking care of hotel transfers and ensuring that it all fits within your budget when you can easily get your hands on some amazing and cheap South package tours from IRCTC Tourism? Also, there is such a wide range of South India tour packages available that you’ll find it difficult to select only one. From South India honeymoon packages to religious ones, IRCTC Tourism has it all. Let’s take a look at some of these in detail.

South India Honeymoon Package

The spell-binding beauty of Kerala is calling! If clear backwaters, verdant greens, tall palms and the tropical weather get your heart racing, then it’s time to pay a visit to god’s own country, the beautiful state of Kerala. Tourism in Kerala has been booming in recent times as the exotic state is the first choice of newlyweds, thanks to some amazing South India honeymoon packages that offer everything from sightseeing to adventure. We, at IRCTC Tourism have also come up with some amazing packages that promise a magical Kerala tour and give tourists an opportunity to explore the pristine beauty of the state’s most loved destinations. Want to know about some of its most exciting honeymoon destinations? Read on to find out.

  • 1. Munnar: Popularly known as South India’s tea heaven, this charming hill station combines an old-world colonial feel with the lush bounties of nature. The breathtaking beauty of this place where three rivers congregate will take you by surprise and warm your heart at the same time. With misty valleys, spectacular lakes, aromatic tea plantations to boast, you’ll have plenty to feast your eyes on. And if you’re an adventure-seeking soul, then Munnar has a lot to offer in terms of camping, trekking, rock climbing, paragliding and many more thrilling activities.
  • 2. Varkala: Well-known for its Ayurvedic massages and unique setting, Varakala is the best place to visit if you enjoy beautiful sunsets. The quiet beaches with their golden sands and endless stretches of water will fill you with a sense of peace and tranquility that the more popular and crowded beaches can’t offer. Take a dip in the cool waters or just sit back, relax and let the untouched beauty of Varkala make your soul happy!
  • 3. Kozhikode: ‘The City of Sculptures’ with its enchanting folk songs, historic monuments and mesmeric waterfalls is the perfect amalgamation of nature and culture. A well-known haven on earth, it has all the ingredients of a perfect holiday destination. Making it a popular hub of tourists from all over the world. Don’t forget to buy some exotic and flavourful spices that are produced in huge quantities locally in the region.
  • 4. Alleppey: Unique temples, beautiful churches and world famous backwaters; Alleppey is truly a dream destination for every tourist. Weaving through almost half of Kerala, these tranquil backwaters are ideal for a houseboat vacation. Touted as the ‘Venice of the East’, the scenic landscapes of this beautiful town will be like a breath of fresh air.
  • 5. Kumarakom: A quaint hamlet blessed with pleasant weather, alluring panorama and an exotic ecosystem, Kumarakom is the perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner. Visit breathtaking backwaters that are fringed with fresh paddy fields, large coconut trees and some quiet villages. If you’re an avid bird watcher, then there’ll be a treat awaiting you at the Kumarakom bird sanctuary.

Kerala is truly a treasure trove of natural wonders and man-made splendours. To book your South India honeymoon package, all you have to do is select an itinerary from IRCTC Tourism, complete the booking process and the rest will be looked after. And while you're enjoying the beauty of South India, here are some culinary delights that you must try!

South Indian Cuisine

From Malabar parathas to crispy medu vadas, South Indian cuisine is a melting pot of aromatic flavours and well-balanced spices. A good thing about South Indian cuisine is that their dishes are not only delicious but also extremely nourishing and light on the stomach. So, you can go all out and enjoy the Mysore dosas and Hyderabadi biryanis without worrying too much about your diet. Most of their savoury dishes bring out a unique blend of flavour, seasoning, nutrition and taste. If you want to experience the best of South Indian cuisine, there we highly recommend these 5 authentic local dishes that you just cannot miss.

1. Puttu and Kadala Curry from Kerala

2. Hyderabadi Biryani from Telangana

3. Qubani ka Meetha from Andhra Pradesh

4. Lemon Rice from Tamil Nadu

5. Udupi Sambar from Karnataka

Best Time to Visit

Wondering about when to book your South India tour package? If you want to make the most of the pleasant climate, then it is best to visit South India during the winter months of December, January and February. As South India is a tropical paradise, the long days of scorching heat and humid air of the great Indian summer might not be to your liking. However, hill stations such as Munnar, Coorg and Ooty among others remain pleasant and can be enjoyed even from March to May. If you love falling asleep to the sound of rain, then the monsoons in this glorious haven can be quite enchanting. But the heavy downpour may limit your outdoor activities so plan your trip accordingly. Choose from our extensive range of cheap South package tours or South indian railway tour packages and have the most amazing time of your lives!

Frequently Asked Question –

1. Where will I find South India tour package by train?

IRCTC Tourism has a wide range of South India tour packages by train. To take a look at them, scroll to the bottom of the IRCTC Tourism home page, then under 'Pan-India Tours' select South India. After that scroll to top and select 'rail tour package' from the filters.

2. Which honeymoon package is best?

A South India honeymoon packages by IRCTC Tourism are the best as you can choose from a wide range of options to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

3. How to select cheapest South India package tours?

On IRCTC Tourism, you can easily find a package according to your budget. Go to the left corner of the home page and just sort the packages according to price. The cheapest ones will appear on the top.

4. How can I plan a trip to South India?

Leave all the planning to IRCTC Tourism. Just select a South India tour package, complete your booking, pack your bags and embark on an adventure.

5. What is included in honeymoon package?

With IRCTC Tourism, just about everything is included in the package price from hotel accommodation to road transfers to meals. But as some inclusions vary from package to package, do check the details before booking.