Trains at a Glance


The history of Train Time Table is as old as the history of Railways. On 19th October, 1839, English cartographer, printer and publisher George Bradshaw printed a small cloth bound book with the title “Bradshaw’s Railway Time Tables and Assistant to Railway Travelling” for Liverpool and Manchester Railways in England. This was the first publication of its own kind having complete information of the trains running, their routes, stoppage and schedule. The publication was widely appreciated by the travelling people and paved the way for a new class of books that was used by the passengers to know about their rail journeys prior to their commencement.

Today, the Train Time Table completes its journey of 180 years in 2019 with the publication being printed and used in one or other form by Railways and passengers around the globe.

The Indian Railways printed its first concise Train Time Table in the name of Trains At A Glance in the year 1977. This unique train travel guide is a handy book that contains all the information about Indian Railways including train time timings, routes, reservation procedures, rules and regulation of travelling, passenger amenities on trains and in stations including catering, menu types and rates, rail-tourism information and a host of other information.

TAG Description

All-India Railway Time Table - Trains at a Glance is a unique handy guide brought out every year by the Ministry of Railways for the convenience of regular intercity and long distance train travellers as well as foreign and domestic tourists. It is a fund-house of information containing timings of all the Mail/Express trains operated by Indian Railways, the stoppages at major stations, their days of service, class of accommodation, distance in kilometres, availability of pantry cars, etc. However, the tables do not indicate all the stoppages of a train – only stoppages at important stations. This publication does not include the timings of passenger (slow) trains, through and slip coach services. For these details, please refer the Zonal Railway Time-tables.

Travellers of Indian Railways must get a copy of Trains at a Glance. Just as the Indian Railways connects the length & breadth of the country; similarly, IRCTC – being the proactive IT arm of Indian Railway has made available the ‘Trains at a Glance - 2019’ at the click of a button at your doorstep.

This year Ministry of Railways launches its 42nd Edition of Trains At A Glance which will be dedicated to the service of nation on 1st July, 2019.

IRCTC is proud to be associated with Railways for bringing the new edition of Trains At A Glance – 2019 with a host of new features for better reader experience.

Salient Features
  • Complete information of schedules of around than 1400 trains.
  • A Comparative Fare chart for each class of train per kilometre.
  • Information about reservation and cancellation of tickets.
  • Information about various passenger amenities and facilities on trains and at station.
  • Information about rules and regulation of train travel.
  • Information about rail-based tourism in the country covering hill railways, luxury tourist trains, tourist train tour packages.
  • Book Mark for better sourcing and reading.

Trains At A Glance – 2019   is available for online sale in IRCTC’s website

  • Book cost @ 70/- (Per book) + Applicable delivery charges + GST.
  • Delivery charges on per book basis.
  • Cancellation is not allowed, once booked.