Pilgrim's Heaven: Pilgrimage Special Tour Packages Available

There’s no doubt about the strong presence of religious distinctiveness in India. Several religions are deeply rooted in India. Perhaps this is why numerous pilgrimage spots are ensconced in different parts of the country. There’s an unparalleled spiritual aura that is spread ubiquitously. It constantly encourages the masses to stay connected with their religious beliefs.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) offers the most comprehensive pilgrimage special tour packages that you can choose from. These specially curated tour packages for pilgrims are blissful and are perfect to help you establish a strong bond with the divine. A spiritual holiday can thus be best planned with the erudite assistance of IRCTC tourism. Try some of the pilgrimage packages to embark on a soul-stirring journey and also witness the captivating charms of different cities.

Prominent Religious Tour Packages offered by IRCTC

India has a wide range of pilgrimage destinations. A precisely designed religious tour package offered by IRCTC Tourism is the perfect way to soak in the spiritual ambiance the different sacred places have to offer. Irrespective of what religious beliefs you practice, you can count on IRCTC for an extensive tour package that too at reasonable prices. The Bharat Tirtha (pilgrimage) darshan tour packages include a tour to Gangasagar Putri Yatra, Kumbh Snan and Shirdi Jyotirlinga Yatra, specialized Dakshin Darshan Yatra, and a lot more. Let’s take a look at the top pilgrimage tour packages that are available at IRCTC:

  1. Tirupati-  It is India’s one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations. Several religious tour packages are available at IRCTC Tourism for Tirupati.
  2. Puri- Puri is one of the Char Dham sites in India. It is believed that Lord Krishna’s heart was placed in Puri, making this place highly sacred for devotees. Many pilgrimage special tour packages related to Puri are available at IRCTC Tourism.
  3. Rameswaram- The Rameswaram temple is of utmost importance in Hinduism. It is one of the key Dhams(pilgrimage sites) and a prominent sacred destination in South India. With IRCTC, you can get a handful of devotional tour packages to this holy place.
  4. Vaishno Devi- Mata Vaishno Devi is one of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations in the Hindu religion. Nestled in the majestic mountainous area of Jammu and Kashmir, and managed by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, this temple holds immense significance.
  5. Shirdi - Managed by the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi is a pilgrimage site where Shri Sai Baba, a saint is believed to have preached for many decades. It is one of the most sacred destinations for pilgrims. With IRCTC tourism, you can pick from many pilgrimage special tour packages for Shirdi.

Travelers can tap into the vibrant holy atmosphere that is present at these places. In addition to these destinations, some packages are associated with Somnath, Ujjain, and Varanasi as well. Nestled in different regions, these pilgrimage sites are best to attain devotional bliss. Whether you want to advance your sacred merit, explore and learn about a particular pilgrimage site, or you want to take a devotional tour package to attend some festival ceremony, you can rely on IRCTC tourism. Moreover, even people with a mere curiosity to discover a community’s religious beliefs can check out the well-planned tour packages offered by IRCTC. 

Why choose IRCTC’s pilgrimage special trains?

The diverse pilgrimage tour packages available at IRCTC can be best explored with a precisely planned tour on special trains. There are pilgrimage special trains by which you can embark on a mesmerizing journey to some of the most pious destinations in India. Encompassing major pilgrimage sites such as Tirupati Balaji, Jagannath Puri, Vaishno Devi, Shirdi, and a lot more, these special trains are the best way to visit the locations that strongly resonate with your religious sentiments. The ultimate goal of a spiritual tour is to achieve peace.

IRCTC being a trusted name in the travel industry can get you the most satisfactory and pocket-friendly packages for pilgrimage. The various religious practices and spiritual teachings can be best attained with IRCTC’s India train tour packages.

The IRCTC tourism works meticulously to provide travelers with top-notch onboard facilities and tour packages. The tour packages are designed in such a way that travelers can not just dive into spirituality, but also enjoy leisure time with their loved ones and explore the places that are included in the package.

Furthermore, several other reasons make IRCTC the most promising option for travelers to plan a pilgrimage tour. There’s a variety of packages available, the itineraries are well-organized, passengers get travel insurance, passengers get the option of package customization, including all-inclusive tour packages of Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train and Bharat darshan tours, and there’s also provision for some advantages for senior citizens. These benefits make IRCTC stand out from the rest.

IRCTC has always lived up to the expectations of travelers. Be it a fun and adventure tour with friends, a business trip, or a pilgrimage tour, all sorts of tours are lined up for travel enthusiasts. A pilgrimage tour reinstates a sense of bliss and tranquility in the lives of people. To establish a strong bond with the divine and enhance your spiritual understanding, you must try the pilgrimage special tour packages offered by IRCTC.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this website is in good faith. While we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we suggest everyone refer to the official website www.irctctourism.com for updated packages and offers.


Ans. IRCTC has a range of pilgrimage tour packages that are spread across the country.

Ans. Booking tickets for pilgrimage tours requires you to follow a simple process. You can visit the official website of IRCTC tourism and find the best pilgrimage special tour packages according to your preference.

Ans. Yes, there’s a provision for travel insurance with every booking at IRCTC Tourism.

Ans. Yes, all the tour packages at IRCTC are meticulously created and are suitable for both curious travelers and devotees.

Ans. Transportation, accommodation, meals along with tour escorts are generally included in the tours organized by IRCTC.

Ans. Yes. You can dive into spirituality like never before, and unravel the wonders of a particular destination by booking the comprehensive and well-curated pilgrimage tour packages with IRCTC Tourism.