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Experience the Best Indian Rail Journeys with IRCTC Tourism

We have carefully curated exclusive rail travel tours for you!

1) Bharat Gaurav Train Journey

IRCTC tourism has started special Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains which has been designed on diverse themes such as monuments, dances, cuisines, attires, festivals, and more. The journeys undertaken on these trains are on the diverse circuits which are offered in the form of tour packages wherein services like off-board travel and excursions by buses, stay at hotels, tour guides, meals, travel insurance etc are provided along with comfortable train journey and allied onboard services.

The Train coaches are designed uniquely in a kaleidoscope of “Pride Of India – Bharat Gaurav”, highlighting various facets of our country. The train is operational on a Pan India basis from different parts of the country, and it caters to budgets of all kinds, with both sleeper and AC coaches available for booking. It also comes equipped with a well-equipped pantry car that rustles up freshly made local cuisines!

So if you’re looking forward to exploring your homeland this time around, don’t miss out on the best railway journeys offered by Indian Railways’ Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains!

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1) Maharajas’ Express Train Journey

Aboard this majestic train, you will be treated to an unparalleled level of service and some of the most breathtaking scenery in India!

The Maharaja Express is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure that offers something for everyone. And with its four unique itineraries covering different parts of the country, you can experience exotic wildlife to vibrant cities, to make lasting memories on your journey.

What makes this luxury train ride even more remarkable is its world-class amenities and services that leave nothing wanting from passengers’ expectations. From fine dining restaurants serving delicious Indian cuisine using fresh local ingredients; lavish cabins equipped with modern comforts such as air conditioning; attentive staff always ready at hand; onboard entertainment including live music performances - everything has been thoughtfully designed, so guests have an enjoyable time throughout their voyage!

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2) Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train Journey

The Buddhist Circuit Train is an initiative by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to promote Buddhist tourism in India. This train tour is perfect for travellers who wish to explore this beautiful country on a spiritual journey. The tour package includes visits to prominent monuments and pilgrimage sites associated with Buddhism. It covers various Buddhist sites, including Gaya - Rajgir & Nalanda - Varanasi - Sarnath – Lumbini (Nepal) - Kushinagar - Sravasti - Agra.

Travellers can experience the essence of ancient India while visiting these places as this train offers a unique opportunity to explore the historical and cultural significance of Buddhism in India. This train also provides an opportunity for spiritual seekers to learn about the teachings of Buddha and explore his life journey across ancient India.

So if you're looking for a unique yet spiritual way to explore India and its rich history, then this Buddhist Circuit Train by IRCTC is your perfect choice!  Book Now

3) Golden Chariot Train Journey

This luxurious train is the best way to explore South India in style and comfort. From its stunningly decorated cabins to its delicious cuisine, this journey will be one that you won’t soon forget!

The Golden Chariot offers a variety of tours through South India’s most beautiful regions. Whether exploring the cities of Cochin and Mysore or taking in the breathtaking scenery of Hampi and Mahabalipuran, there is something for everyone on these incredible tours. The journey begins in Bangalore, where guests are welcomed with traditional music and dance performances before embarking on their adventure across some of India’s most picturesque landscapes.

On board, guests can dine in the two restaurants, Ruchi and Nalapaka, which provide wonderful meals from across the world, including a variety of Indian selections. The bar, Madira, serves only the finest wines, beers, and spirits. Arogya, the Spa and Fitness Centre, mixes traditional Ayurvedic Spa therapies with modern exercise equipment.

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4) Toy Train Journey

The toy train is one of the best ways to experience Indian tourism first-hand. It runs through rural villages, winding its way past lush green fields, terraced hillsides, and ancient temples – all while offering incredible views from your window seat in comfort. It’s not just another tourist activity; it provides travellers with an authentic look into everyday life in India, which cannot be found anywhere else!

From the majestic Himalayas in the north to the lush Nilgiris in the south, these toy train rail journeys across India will take your breath away.

Don’t wait anymore. Take these incredible railways journey which takes you through some of India’s most beautiful landscapes, giving you an up-close view of its vibrant culture and stunning scenery.

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It’s easy and comfortable. The number one reason people prefer to travel by train is that there’s much less hassle. There is no need to arrive hours in advance and no tiring check-in processes.

Train rides are very comfortable. You can choose your coaches according to your preferences (AC, Non AC, Sitting chair, or Sleeper) The seats are comfortable and positioned so that each passenger has a leg rest and far more space than on the airplane, and you can also walk freely throughout the train.

These are some of the best train routes in India;

  • Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train theme based circuits.
  • Darjeeling Toy Train
  • Maharajas’ Express covering the Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh tourist circuit.
  • Golden Chariot Covering the Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala Tourist Circuits.
  • Buddhist Circuit covering the important Buddhist sites across India & Nepal.

The Maharajas’ Express train has the costliest ticket in India, yet the most luxurious way to explore the northern part of India. The Maharajas’ Express Rail tour serves four routes across North West and Central India.

IRCTC packages have many benefits, like seasonal and festive offers, the best hospitality, comfort, and service. The packages include meals, Confirm Train ticket/seat/berth accommodation, all Transfers, sightseeing by buses, Travel Insurance for the passengers, and Security on Train.

The rail journey gives you an unforgettable travel experience. It also provides plenty of opportunities for photography as well as learning about Indian history and culture during your stops at various destinations along the route. IRCTC’s all-inclusive rail vacation packages are designed for tourists who want to explore the best, keeping the price and excursions in mind.