Tirupati Tour Packages

Blissful Tirupati Tour takes you to the sacred hill of Tirumala in Chitoor District, one of the biggest pilgrimage destinations. The Tirupati travel package includes a trip to Tirupati temple which dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. It is an eclectic temple thronged by thousands of devotees who worship with ardent devotion. People are never disappointed when they visit as darshan is offered round the clock every day.

Tirupati Tour Package includes a trip to the holy hills which are the bed of serpent Adisehsa thereby of much significance to lord Vishnu, a visit to the peaceful and spiritual Tirupati Balaji temple.

IRCTC Tourism’s Tirupati tour package takes you to the following places:

1) Venkatadari Samasthanam Brahmande Nasti Kinchana

It is a popular temple in tirumala which offers varha swami darshan along with tomal seva in which pilgrims decorate the lord with a beautiful garland. A lot of people take to this practice which makes this temple an integral part of Blissful Tirupati Tour.

2) Sri Kalahasti Temple

Tirupati Temple Package takes you to Sri Kalahasti Temple which is an hour away from tirupati temple and is one of the five bhoota sthalams (temples dedicated to five elements of nature). The Sri kalahasti temple is dedicated to wind and has a famous vayu linga representing just that.

3) Sri Venkateshwara Museum

Sri Venkateshwara Museum is an important destination in Tirupati tour packages. It is housed in a big building close to the temple showcasing artefacts from the Vijaynagara empire, Cholas of Tanjavur, Pallavas of Kanchipuram and Kings of Vijaynagara and Hampi. Upon close observation visitors will be able to deduce the lifestyles of these conquerors as pictures of their attire, conquests and battles are decorated on the wall.

Bronze idols, pulleys and other sculptures are on display to help visitors understand the art and culture of bygone eras.

Why Take Tirupati Balaji Tour Package?

Tirupati is an excellent destination to get a real perspective on life. There is a lot of hustle bustle in the city which dies down when tourists enter the serene temple. This signifies that it is often that we react loudly for nothing when the answer is in our heart all the time. Moreover, Tirupati Balaji Tour Package takes you to all the important destinations which have been instrumental in shaping the city.

Tirupati Cuisine is another reason to take Tirupati Tour Package as the meals are mouth-watering and full of flavourful and exotic spices. Laddu Mahaprasadam is a must have along with tradition south india meals and filter coffee.