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Kanchipuram: Start your weekend journey with the cultural richness of Kanchipuram, renowned as the "City of Thousand Temples." Explore the intricate architecture, vibrant silk industry, and spiritual aura that make Kanchipuram a timeless destination. Our tour packages from Chennai ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to delve into the city's history and traditions.

Mahabalipuram – It is the place where ancient temples and rock-cut wonders stand in harmony with the Bay of Bengal. Our weekend getaways offer the perfect escape to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exquisite sculptures, and tranquil beaches that define Mahabalipuram's allure.

Ooty – Take a picturesque journey to Ooty, the crown jewel of South India. Nestled amidst the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty welcomes you with its lush tea gardens, emerald lakes, and cool climate. Our Chennai tour packages by train provide a scenic ride to this hill station, ensuring a comfortable and delightful journey to the "Queen of Hill Stations."

Wild Adventures in Mudumalai: For wildlife enthusiasts, our weekend trips extend to Mudumalai, a heaven for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Witness the untamed beauty of Mudumalai National Park, where elephants roam freely, and the air is filled with the sounds of exotic birds. With our expertly crafted tour packages, you can immerse yourself in the wild wonders of Mudumalai.

Kodaikanal – Escape to the tranquil landscapes of Kodaikanal, where mist-kissed hills, lush forests, and serene lakes create a haven for those seeking respite from city life. Our weekend train tour packages India ensure you experience the best of Kodaikanal, from the iconic Kodai Lake to the enchanting Coaker's Walk, making your getaway truly memorable.

Coonoor – Indulge in the lush greenery of Coonoor, a charming hill station nestled in the Nilgiris. Explore the tea gardens, take a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Our tour packages from Chennai guarantee a rejuvenating weekend surrounded by the beauty of Coonoor's landscapes.

Vizag & Araku Valley – Coastal Beauty and Hill Retreat: Experience the best of both worlds with a weekend getaway to Vizag and Araku Valley. Explore the coastal charm of Visakhapatnam and venture into the mesmerizing Araku Valley for a retreat amidst coffee plantations and tribal culture. Our tour packages ensure a seamless transition from coastal beauty to hillside tranquility.

Bhubaneswar, Chilika Lake, Konark, and Puri – Embark on a spiritual journey to Bhubaneswar, where ancient temples narrate tales of the past. Cruise on the tranquil waters of Chilika Lake, marvel at the architectural brilliance of Konark Sun Temple and find solace on the beaches of Puri. Our weekend tours offer a holistic experience, combining spirituality and serenity.

IRCTC LTC Packages

IRCTC Tourism also provides enticing Leave Travel Concession (LTC) Packages for govt. employees from Chennai. Tailored to seamlessly integrate the joy of travel with the financial advantages of LTC, these packages offer a diverse array of captivating destinations catering to various preferences. Uncover the hidden gems of India while optimizing your LTC benefits, as IRCTC Tourism meticulously manages every aspect, from superior accommodations to seamless transportation and insightful guided tours.

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