Persons / Companies not covered under (A) and (B) above


  • The applicant should be in a public dealing business having the following minimum facilities: Telephone/Mobile Connectivity, Computer and Internet connection.
  • The Proprietor/Firm/Company should have an office registered under Shops and Establishment Act and should provide documents in support of the same. The business must have been conducted from the declared office during the last one financial year.
  • The applicant should have a valid PAN number and GST number.
  • The company should have a turnover of Rs. 10 lacs in the last financial year. Income Tax return or Audited balance sheet should be uploaded in its support.
  • A Rolling Deposit Scheme (RDS) Account will be opened by IRCTC for each Agent in which minimum balance of Rs. 25,000 is to be maintained by the agent. The minimum tenure of the RDS account shall be 6 month. This deposit of Rs 25000/- shall be refundable in case the Agent ceases to be a member Agent only after 6 months from the opening of RDS account.

Terms & Conditions

  • Agents will be provided with a Login ID and Password by IRCTC to book Tourism Products of IRCTC.
  • Agents will be authorized to sell all Tourism products of IRCTC online and will be getting commission online on Cut and Pay basis.
  • If the Agent is having its own website then all Tourism products of IRCTC should be promoted through this website.
  • In case, any agent is found involved in any illegal/fraudulent activity, this appointment shall be immediately cancelled by IRCTC.
  • IRCTC reserves the right to cancel the agency of any Agent without assigning any reason after giving a notice of 15 days.
  • The authorization will be valid for one year and will be renewed annually on the basis of performance.


  • The applicant shall fill and submit the Online Registration Form available in the Travel Agents section on and submit all documents/payment, as mentioned in the eligibility criteria. Incomplete registration forms are liable to be rejected.
  • The applicants shall also make the payment of Rs. 25,000 towards opening of Rolling Deposit Account with IRCTC.

Commission structure

  • The Agents will be authorized to get the commission on selling different tourism products on Cut and Pay basis. For further details regarding commission please email at or contact the Tourism Agent Cell.

Tourism Agent Cell:

Himanshu Bhatt, Executive/Tourism: 8287930739
Naresh Kumar Sharma, Manager / Tourism: 8287930206

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Address for communication:
M-13, Punj House, Connaught Place
New Delhi-110 001