E-Ticketing Principle Service Providers (PSPs)


The Terms and conditions for registration of e-ticketing Principal Service Providers as Sales Agents for IRCTC Tourism Services under each category are as under:-

Internet Café Agents (ICS)

  • No API Integration will take place as ICS agents are website agents who book the packages directly from the website through the same Login ID and password issued for e-ticketing.
  • All RSPs of the Principle Service Providers of Internet café scheme will be Integrated through a separate RDS created for Tourism Package Booking.

B2B Agents

  • A separate Tourism Web service API will be provided to Principle Service Providers (PSPs) of B2B scheme for Integration.
  • API Integration for booking Tourism Packages is given for free.
  • Separate RDS account for Tourism Package booking will be created.
  • PSP’s can provide the Tourism Package Booking facility to all their existing active RSPs through API

B2C Agents

  • All existing B2C agents will be provided Tourism Web service API.
  • API Integration for booking Tourism Packages is given for free.
  • Separate RDS account for Tourism Package booking will be created

General –

1) E-ticketing PSPs under B2B & B2C scheme will be integrated with IRCTC Tourism products through Web services APIs

2) PSP can register its e-ticketing Retail Service Providers (RSPs) for Tourism IRCTC Services under B2B and Internet Cafe Schemes.

3) Only active RSPs will be appointed as IRCTC Tourism Sales Agents i.e. RSPs who are blacklisted or deactivated or suspended or not verified / pending verification, will not be eligible for appointment for IRCTC Tourism services.

4) PSP will issue an Authorisation Certificate to its RSPs registered for selling IRCTC Tourism Products, for displaying at its registered location.

5) RSPs are permitted to display sign board indicating “Authorised Tourism Sales Agents of IRCTC” along with IRCTC Logo.

6) IRCTC’s logo should not be used in Visiting Cards, Letterheads, and Pamphlets or in any other forms unless approved by IRCTC.

7) Separate RDS account will be maintained by IRCTC for making advance payment for booking IRCTC Tourism Products. Minimum balance of Rs.50,000 is to be maintained in RDS Account.

8) The term for the IRCTC Tourism service will be as per the term of e-ticketing service agreement.

9) Travel Agents can offer the following Tourism services to their customers -

  • Rail Tour Packages
  • Holiday Packages
  • International Air Packages
  • Bharat Darshan

In future, other services will also be added to Tourism services with or without agents commission.

10) Agents will be authorised to sell the Tourism Products listed above through online and will be getting commission on cut and Pay basis. Commission structure-

11) The PSP’s will be authorized to get the commission on selling different tourism products on “Cut and Pay” basis. The eligible commission for agents for each Tourism product will be retained at RDS account before the amount is transferred to IRCTC.

12) Agents commission Structure for the various Tourism products will be as under :-

S.No.ProductPercentage of Commission
1Rail Tour Packages, Holiday Packages, etc7% of the package cost
2Domestic Air Packages and International Air Packages (without Air Ticket Charges)6% of the package cost
3Bharat Darshan/Aastha Circuit Tours6% of the package cost

Note: Commission is subject to changes from time to time and could be confirmed at the time of booking in agent login. TDS on commission will deduct as per GOI norms.

For further details regarding commission, please email at webservicestourism@irctc.co.in or contact the Tourism Agent Cell.

13) IRCTC offers the web services IRCTC Tourism Products (www.irctctourism.com) as a bundled up option along with the E-ticketing services.

Other Terms and conditions –

  • If the agent is having their own website then he should preferably promote IRCTC Tourism Products through his website.
  • In case, any agent is found involved in any illegal / fraudulent activity, his appointment shall be cancelled by IRCTC and appropriate legal action will be initiated.
  • The above policy and commission structure are liable for changes as decided by the management from time to time.

Tourism Agent Cell:

Landline Contact no. 011-23345702 (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

Website : www.irctctourism.com

E-mail ID : webservicestourism@irctc.co.in

Address for communication:


Internet Ticketing center,

IRCA Building ,

Next to Divisional Railway Managers Office,

State Entry Road,

New Delhi – 110055.

Annexure -1

Procedure order for Automated E-Rolling Deposit System


i. ‘RDS’ means Rolling Deposit System wherein Rolling Deposit Accounts (RDS Account) are created in IRCTC Tourism portal in the name of Principal Service Providers/Direct Agents(RTSA/IATA/TAAI/TAFI/TAAI/ ADTOI and other direct agents ) and Payment Providers (Prepaid Payment Providers/Multiple Payment Providers /UPI Payment Providers) for depositing amounts in advance to book Rail Tourism packages through IRCTC Website/Mobile App or for other IRCTC applications also as per requirement.

ii. ‘RDS Account Holders’ means Principal Service Providers/Direct Agents (RTSA/IATA/TAAI/TAFI/TAAI/ADTOI and other direct agents) and Payment Providers (Prepaid Payment Providers/Multiple Payment Providers/UPI Payment Providers) registered with IRCTC for rail Tourism services through IRCTC Website/Mobile App or for other IRCTC applications also as per requirement.

iii. ‘RDS Account’ means is the account created for each Principal Service Providers/Direct Agents (RTSA/IATA/TAAI/TAFI/TAAI/ADTOI and other direct agents) and Payment Providers (Prepaid Payment Providers/Multiple Payment Providers /UPI Payment Providers) by IRCTC to book rail Tourism package through IRCTC Website/Mobile App or for other IRCTC applications also as per requirement.

iv. ‘RDS Amount’ means the amount deposited by RDS Account Holder to recharge the respective RDS account for booking Tourism Packages .

v. ‘Beneficiary Bank’ means specific banks with IRCTC Accounts used for deposit of RDS amount by RDS Account Holders.

vi. ‘Virtual Account’ means an unique account number generated by Beneficiary Bank for each RDS Account Holder.

vii. ‘Remitting Bank’ means Beneficiary Bank with IRCTC Account to which RDS amount is deposited by RDS Account Holders

viii. ‘IRCTC Tourism E- Rolling Deposit Account’ means the name of the IRCTC Account used for deposit of RDS amount.

ix. ‘Remitter Bank’ means the Bank of RDS Account Holder from which RDS amount is transferred to IRCTC Account.

x. ‘Remitter Name’ means Name of RDS Account Holder.

xi. ‘Remitter Account No.’ means Account no. of RDS Account Holder from which the RDS amount is transferred to Remitting Bank.

xii. ‘Master User’ means RDS Account Holder.

Procedure for Automated Rolling Deposit System

1. “IRCTC-E- Rolling Deposit Account” with Internet Banking, viewing & auto-confirmation facility opened with ICICI/HDFC Bank or any other approved Bank shall be operated for automated RDS recharge of the IRCTC Tourism RDS Account Holders (Principal Service Providers/Direct Agents(RTSA/IATA/TAAI/TAFI/ TAAI/ADTOI and other direct agents ) or Payment Providers) for Rail Tourism package booking through IRCTC Website/ Mobile App. The same can be used for other IRCTC applications also as per requirement.

2. Internet banking viewing facility will be given to authorized signatories to the bank account such as CMD, DTM, DF, GGM (F), GGM (IT), JGM (F) and AM (Fin)/Manager (Fin). In addition to this the Internet Banking viewing facility would be given to authorize nominated staff of Finance Department also.

3. First time Deposit will be minimum of Rs. 1 Lakh and the minimum balance in the deposit account should be Rs. 50,000/-. When the minimum balance in the deposit account reaches the prescribed minimum level of Rs.50,000/- the booking through the deposit account will be stopped.

4. Amount should be deposited preferably in multiples of Rs. 50,000/-.

5. Deposit from the RDS Account Holders will be made through RTGS/NEFT/FT/IMPS or any other mode of online payment in favour of IRCTC Tourism Rolling Deposit Account only.

6. Once the confirmation is received at IRCTC end, the amount will be updated in the RDS account of concerned RDS Account Holder maintained with IRCTC.

7. No interest will accrue in the deposit account.

8. The amount deposited with IRCTC would be used only for purchase of IRCTC Tourism Package booking . This can also be used for recovery of IRCTC charges, if not otherwise paid.

9. Banks may levy transaction charges on the online deposits made to this Tourism Rolling Deposit Account as per existing banks rules. IRCTC will not bear any such charges on this account.

10. Payments made through credit cards will not be accepted.

11. All the booking amount shall be debited from RDS account of a particular RDS Account Holder. Similarly, all the refunds due to cancellations or failed transactions shall be credited to the RDS account of concerned RDS Account Holder.

12. At the end of the month a statement on each RDS Account Holder’s RDS account would be generated by operations department and a copy of the same will be given to Finance Department for recording bookings, refunds and reconciliations etc. as may be required for accounting purposes.

a. At the end of the day a report will be provided by the concerned banks to IRCTC/Finance in a mutually agreed format.

13. If any RDS Account Holder wishes to terminate/close the Rolling Deposit account he/she may terminate his/her RDS account by giving one month notice in writing.

14. In case of termination of RDS facility, the amount in RDS account will be returned to the RDS Account Holder by way of cheque or online transfer after realizing all the dues of IRCTC.

15. Wherever the RDS account is closed/terminated prior to a period of six months from the date of opening of the RDS account, an administrative charge of Rs.10,000/- would be deducted from the balance available in the concerned RDS account .

16. Transaction Password will be generated by IRCTC at the time of creating RDS Account

17. Transaction Password shall be used by the RDS Account Holder to debit the RDS Account i.e. for booking of packages via RDS account.

18. Secrecy of Transaction password shall be the responsibility of the RDS Account Holder

19. The Master user will have the option to change the password. The RDS Account Holder immediately on receipt of mail shall change password given by IRCTC. In case password is not changed. IRCTC, will not own any responsibility of the after effects.

20. The above procedure has been devised, keeping in view all internal checks and control required for audit purposes.