The Jewel of the East Coast

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01 Night/02 Days


Visakhapatnam (The Port City) was derived from the shrine of God Visakha, built by a King of Andhra in 4th century. It is home to the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbour on the east coast of India. It is often known as The Jewel of the East Coast, The City of Destiny and the Goa of the East Coast. Visakhapatnam was ranked as the fifth cleanest city in India according to the government's Swachhta Sarvekshan Rankings.

IRCTC Holiday Packages

Araku is a Hill Station famous for valley, waterfalls, streams & coffee plantations. It can be called as “Andhra Ooty”.

Package Details
 Package Name  The Jewel of the East Coast
 Destination Covered   Visakhapatnam, Araku
 Traveling Mode  By ROAD
 Station/Departure Time  Visakhapatnam(06:30 hrs)
 Frequency  Daily
 Meal Plan  AP

Package Tariff :
Occupancy Prices(Per Person)
Single 12091/-
Double 7725/-
Triple 6441/-
Child With Bed(5-11 yrs) 6441/-
Child W/O Bed(5-11 yrs) 5671/-
Occupancy Prices(Per Person)
Single 10550/-
Double 6698/-
Triple 5799/-
Child With Bed(5-11 yrs) 5799/-
Child W/O Bed(5-11 yrs) 4643/-

Important Note:- 1. The packages are designed for those passengers who book their train tickets in below mentioned Train Nos. and excludes the train ticket (You are requested to book the train ticket separately).

Onward Journey
Suitable Trains
Originating Station &
Departure Time
Intermediate/Destination(VSKP) Station
& Arrival Time
17016 SC (16:50hrs) 07:15hrs/BBS (15:40hrs)
12728 HYB (17:15hrs) 05:50hrs
12784 SC (17:55hrs) 07:00hrs
22204 SC (20:15hrs) 06:35hrs
17480 TPTY (10:35hrs) 04:50hrs/PURI (14:40hrs)
17482 TPTY (10:35hrs) 04:50hrs/BSP (17:45hrs)
15905 CAPE (23:00hrs) 06:15hrs/DBRG (07:15hrs)
22860 MAS (16:25hrs) 06:15hrs/PURI (14:55hrs)
22604 VM (11:40hrs) 06:15hrs/KGP (19:30hrs)
22826 MAS (16:25hrs) 06:15hrs/SHM (21:30hrs)
22606 VM (11:40) 06:15hrs/PRR (23:10hrs)
15630 GHY (15:00hrs) 05:35hrs/MS (20:15hrs)
15930 DBRG (23:35hrs) 05:35hrs/MS (20:15hrs)
12773 SHM (16:05hrs) 05:35hrs/SC (19:00hrs)
22817 HWH (16:10hrs) 05:35hrs/MYS (04:15hrs)
12663 HWH (16:10hrs) 05:35hrs/TPJ (04:15hrs)
12665 HWH (16:10hrs) 05:35hrs/CAPE (11:35hrs)
18515 TATA (13:00hrs) 05:25hrs
22848 LTT (00:15hrs) 05:25hrs

Return Journey
Suitable Trains
Originating/Intermediate (RJY)
Station & Departure Time
Destination Station & Arrival Time
BBS (08:35hrs)/16:10hrs
SC (07:30hrs)
HYB (06:15hrs)
12783 18:55hrs SC (07:40hrs)
18509 19:05hrs NED (14:35hrs)
18309 SBP (08:50hrs)/19:05hrs NED (14:35hrs)
22203 19:45hrs SC (06:15hrs)
22850 SC (05:40hrs)/17:30hrs SHM (09:05hrs)
12774 SC (05:40hrs)/17:30hrs SHM (09:05hrs)
12515 TVC (12:40hrs)/19:15hrs GHY (05:40hrs)
12509 BNC (23:40hrs)/19:15hrs GHY (06:00hrs)
12513 SC (07:30hrs)/19:15hrs GHY (06:00hrs)
22874 17:50hrs DGHA (09:25hrs)
18516 17:50hrs TATA (10:45hrs)
22643 ERS (17:10hrs)/19:15hrs PNBE (20:00hrs)
22871 BBS (12:00hrs)/19:00hrs TPTY (09:25hrs)
22879 BBS (12:00hrs)/19:00hrs TPTY (09:25hrs)
18401 PURI (09:05hrs)/17:15hrs OKHA (13:45hrs)
18501 17:35hrs GIMB (09:30hrs)
22801 18:55hrs MAS (09:30hrs)
12830 BBS (12:00hrs)/19:00hrs MAS (08:55hrs)
22869 19:20hrs MAS (08:55hrs)
18496 BBS (12:00hrs)/19:00hrs RMM (23:55hrs)
12898 BBS (12:00hrs)/19:00hrs PDY (13:20hrs)
2. The Land Tour Packages commence and terminate at Visakhapatnam Railway Station as per the nominated train timings and tour itineraries.

3. Passengers travelling by other trains can also join the respective Land Tour Package(s). However, they shall adhere to the timings of the nominated trains only.

4. In case of difficulty while booking online contact IRCTC Executive/TIFC,   click here to contact us

5. Tourists are requested use a uniform ID proof while booking the train ticket & tour package.

6. The package tariff is fixed, however is subject to change as per IRCTC / Govt policy. In case of any increase in tariff, guests shall be required to pay the difference in amount before the commencement of tour, duly obtaining a receipt.

7. Customization of the tour package is permissible, on direct payment basis, subject to approval of IRCTC.

8. Child less than 5 years complimentary.