Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh

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"Papi Kondalu" or the "Papi Hills" are series of mountain range that are located at Rajahmundry in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. There is also another idea that the range looks like a partition of a typical Indian Woman's hair-line. In due course, it settled for 'Papi Kondalu'. The Papikondalu Hills are often compared to Kashmir for their lush greenery, beautiful views of the river and pleasant weather throughout the year. The huge river Godavari gets split because of this hill.

IRCTC Holiday Packages

Kolluru Bamboo Huts is a nature campsite situated on the bank of River - Godavari, near Papikondalu Hills, approximately 100kms away from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. This campsite surrounds Godavari River, heavy-rocky mountain way followed by canal water. Accommodation will be in huts made up of bamboos. Amazing experience in Nature's Lap. Papikondalu Boat-ride, Kolluru-Huts, Jungle-walk and bathing in Stream Water is a memorable experience.

Package Details
 Package Name  Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh
 Destination Covered  Pattiseema/Polavarm, Papikondalu, Kolluru
 Traveling Mode  By ROAD
 Station/Departure Time  Rajahmundry
 Frequency  Daily
 Meal Plan  AP

Note: Minimum no. of pax. required for booking of this package is 4.

Package Tariff :
Occupancy Prices(Per Person)
Double 4358/-
Triple 4003/-
Child With Bed(5-11 yrs) 4003/-
Child W/O Bed(5-11 yrs) 3382/-
Occupancy Prices(Per Person)
Double 4133/-
Triple 3797/-
Child With Bed(5-11 yrs) 3797/-
Child W/O Bed(5-11 yrs) 3109/-

Important Note:- 1. The packages are designed for those passengers who book their train tickets in below mentioned Train Nos. and excludes the train ticket (You are requested to book the train ticket separately).

Onward Journey
Suitable Trains
Originating Station &
Departure Time
Intermediate/Destination(RJY) Station
& Arrival Time
12740 SC(20:30 hrs) 04:06 hrs/ VSKP(07:40 hrs)
12776 SC(20:45 hrs) 05:50 hrs/ CCT(07:20 hrs)
12738 SC (21:15 hrs) 05:37 hrs/ COA(07:30 hrs)
18510 NED (16:15) 05:37 hrs/ COA(07:30 hrs)
18310 NED (16:15) 06:15 hrs/ SBP(20:00 hrs)
17209 SBC (11:00hrs) 05:18 hrs/ CCT(06:45hrs)
12253 YPR(13:30 hrs) 05:11 hrs/ BGP(08:30 hrs)
18048 VSG (07:10 hrs) 05:11 hrs/ HWH(22:40hrs)
22856 TPTY (19:55hrs) 05:11 hrs/ SRC(22:20 hrs)
17487 TPTY(20:30 hrs) 06:02 hrs/ VSKP(11:30 hrs)
12829 MAS(21:10 hrs) 06:30 hrs/ BBS(17:20 hrs)
22870 MAS (21:10hrs) 06:30hrs/VSKP (10:25hrs)
15906 DBRG (22:45hrs) 04:36 hrs/CAPE (09:50 hrs)
22849 SHM (12:10hrs) 05:52 hrs/ SC(15:00 hrs)
22605 PRR (10:35hrs) 05:52hrs/VM (22:10hrs)
22603 KGP (14:10hrs) 05:52hrs/VM (22:10hrs)
22614 HLZ (11:30hrs) 05:52hrs/MAS (17:00hrs)
22825 SHM (12:10hrs) 05:52hrs/MAS (17:00hrs)
22859 PURI (17:30hrs) 04:36hrs/MAS (14:55hrs)

Return Journey
Suitable Trains
Originating/Intermediate (RJY)
Station & Departure Time
Destination Station & Arrival Time
BBS (08:35hrs)/16:10hrs
SC (07:30hrs)
HYB (06:15hrs)
12775 CCT (20:10hrs)/21:08hrs SC (06:55hrs)
12737 COA (20:20hrs)/21:40hrs SC (06:35hrs)
12783 VSKP (18:55hrs)/21:57hrs SC (07:40hrs)
18509 VSKP (19:05hrs)/22:42hrs NED (14:35hrs)
18309 SBP (08:50hrs)/22:42hrs NED (14:35hrs)
18501 VSKP (17:35hrs)/21:00hrs GIMB (09:30hrs)
18401 PURI (09:05hrs)/21:00hrs OKHA (13:45hrs)
22801 VSKP (18:55hrs)/21:55hrs MAS (09:30hrs)
12898 BBS (12:00hrs)/22:28hrs PDY (13:20hrs)
12830 BBS (12:00hrs)/22:28hrs MAS (08:55hrs)
22869 VSKP (19:20hrs)/22:28hrs MAS (08:55hrs)
22880 TPTY (12:45hrs)/21:38hrs BBS (09:40hrs)
22872 TPTY (12:45hrs)/21:38hrs BBS (09:40hrs)
18402 OKHA (07:45hrs)/21:38hrs PURI (10:35hrs)
2. The Land Tour Packages commence and terminate from/at Rajahmundry Railway Station as per the nominated train timings and tour itineraries.

3. Passengers travelling by other trains can also join the respective Land Tour Package(s). However, they shall adhere to the timings of the nominated trains only.

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5. Tourists are requested use a uniform ID proof while booking the train ticket & tour package.

6. The package tariff is fixed, however is subject to change as per IRCTC / Govt policy. In case of any increase in tariff, guests shall be required to pay the difference in amount before the commencement of tour, duly obtaining a receipt.

7. Customization of the tour package is permissible, on direct payment basis, subject to approval of IRCTC.

8. Child less than 5 years complimentary.