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Planning a trip abroad? Look no further than our amazing collection of international tour packages! We offer exciting, affordable tour packages to Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, the USA, and Sri Lanka. Whether you want to explore the vibrant nightlife of Dubai or witness the stunning wonders of Sri Lanka, we've got you covered. Singapore tour packages are also a steal deal due to their convenient location and amazing attractions. With IRCTC, you now have more choices than ever before when it comes to planning your dream vacation!

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IRCTC International Tour Packages include;

IRCTC’s all-inclusive packages make it easier for travelers to explore different international destinations without worrying about the details.

Dubai Tour Packages |  India to Dubai tour packages

Dubai is a dazzling fantasy land of exotic natural and artificial beauties. It is often seen as the first international trip option for many Indian tourists. From the Burj Khalifa to the thrilling Desert Safari or the entertaining Bollywood Parks to Miracle Garden, this Arabic land will not fail to surprise you with what it offers, along with our India to Dubai tour packages.

The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March, as the temperature is pleasant during this time and the air is more happening with a range of events and activities from the Dubai Shopping and Food Festivals to the Dubai World Cup.

Singapore Tour Package | India to Singapore tour packages

Visited by tourists from across the continents, Singapore is the only island state in Southeast Asia. It is a perfect mix of all the exciting features you look for in an ideal trip destination. Madame Tussauds, cutting-edge architecture, iridescent skyline, and Universal Studios thrive on bringing a crowd of tourists to the city ahead of time. It is an ideal place for families, couples, and friends looking for adventure, culture, and delicious food. Gear up for an ultimate international tour of this beautiful place with many tourist attractions that make it even more memorable.

Singapore has fairly consistent weather and is a year-round destination, the best time to visit this beauty is from November to June.

Thaipusam Malaysia tour packages | India to Malaysia tour packages

A hot shot international tourist destination, Malaysia is versatile in diversity, from the serene beaches of Langkawi to the green jungles of Borneo to skyscrapers and dazzling malls. Owing to its rich cultural and ethnic heritage, this country has exceptional cuisine, varied traditional handicrafts, and colorful annual festivals. It’s a fascinating country where culture spills into the streets as modernity leads the way.

The best time to visit Malaysia varies as the seasons here differ from one side of the peninsula to another. But it always preferred to travel between December to April.

Russia Package Tours | India to Russia tour packages

Russia is one of the most vivid and diverse countries in the world. It boasts 28 world heritage sites, of which 17 are cultural, and 11 are natural. Adventure enthusiasts are in for a great time in this formidable country as they can explore spectacular volcanoes and towering mountains. Russian Package Tours take you to the largest freshwater lake in the world, historical monuments rich in cultural heritage, magnificent engineering structures, and ethnic communities, allowing tourists to experience a different lifestyle than their own.

The best time to enjoy yourself in Russia is from June to August. The weather is delightful during this time.

Sri Lanka Tour Package | India to Sri Lanka tour packages

The Sri Lanka Ramayana Yatra tour package is one of the most significant international tour packages offered by IRCTC. As we all know, several mythological places associated with Lord Ram are in Sri Lanka. IRCTC's Sri Lanka Ramayana Yatra tour package covers destinations like temples of the ancient time including Munneshwari, Munnawaram, Hanuman Temple, Koneshwaram Temple, Ashok Vatika, and many more. This International tour package is all-inclusive and very affordable on the pocket.

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination to watch the wildlife and its wonders but the peak time to enjoy Sri Lanka is from December to April.

USA Panorama Tour | India to USA tour packages

Dreaming to enjoy a long vacation in the Big apple? Our USA Panorama tour package covers destinations like Washington, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, San Fransisco, Niagara (Buffalo), and Los Angeles. Admire top-of-the-world wonders, groove to live music, gaze at the Milky Way, and enjoy the tastiest food in the world's most multicultural country.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience or an affordable getaway, IRCTC has something to suit everyone! Let us help you plan the perfect itinerary that will make your international tour even more unforgettable!


International traveling is expensive. Long flights, hotel rooms, and eating food out can easily blow your budget. Book IRCTC’S all-inclusive International Tour Packages and travel abroad hassle-free.

IRCTC'S international tour package from India to Singapore EX Kolkata costs ₹ 99920. Explore more packages and offers at 

No, there are currently no facilities in Singapore that process visas on arrival.

Towering landmarks like the Mt. Kinabalu, Petronas Twin Towers, and, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, colorful cities, different ethnicities, natural wonders, and fun festivals are just some of Malaysia’s remarkable treasures. Plan an international tour of this diverse country with IRCTC.