Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. What is Executive Lounge ?

A. Executive Lounge is one of its class fully air conditioned facility where railway passengers can stay while waiting for their trains.

Q2. Where is Executive Lounge located?

A. It is located at concourse of Platform No. 16, New Station Building, Ajmeri Gate side, New Delhi Railway Station.

Q3. How can we reach Executive Lounge?

A. Executive Lounge can be reached from Ajmeri gate side entry as well as Paharganj Side entry of New Delhi Railway station. Passenger shall have to come to concourse platform-16 in Station building on Ajmeri gate side.

Q4. How can one book Executive Lounge?

A. Seats in Executive Lounge can be booked in advance online only. Online booking of Executive Lounge is available on following websites:




Q5. What are the rates and services offered at Executive Lounge?

A. The rates of Executive Lounge are as under, Entry fee for initial 2 hours: Rs.200/- per person "Exclusive of all taxes". Services included in the entry fee:-

  • 1. Two hours stay
  • 2. Free Wi-Fi
  • 3. Soft beverages (tea, coffee, sharbat)
  • 4. Newspaper and magazine reading
  • 5. Train information display and announcement
  • 6. TV
  • 7. Toilets and urinals

b) Meals per person exclusive of all taxes:-

  • 1.Buffet Breakfast:- Rs.190/-
  • 2.Buffet Breakfast N. Veg. :-Rs 240/-
  • 3.Buffet Lunch:-Rs 325/-
  • 4.Buffet Lunch N. Veg. :-Rs 360/-
  • 5.Buffet dinner:-Rs 325/-
  • 6.Buffet dinner N. Veg. :- Rs 360/-
  • 7.Hi- Tea(Snacks) :- Rs.210/-

c) For each extra hour or part thereof after initial 2 hours: Rs. 70/per person (Exclusive of all taxes).

d) Wash and Change: Rs.200/- per person exclusive of taxes (Bath kit). Shaving kit charged Rs.25/- Extra(Dental Kit)

e) Business Centre:

  • 1. Use of computer with internet - Rs.70/- (30 minutes)
  • 2. Use of computer with internet usage - Rs.135/- (01 hour)
  • 3. Printout(B & W)- Rs.15/- per page
  • 4. Photocopy- Rs.15/- per page
  • 5. Scanning- Rs.15/- per page

f) Other Facilities:

  • 1. Deluxe Resting Suite: Rs.510/- (02 hours)
  • 2. Extra Hour (Deluxe Resting suite): Rs.258/- per hour
  • 3. SPA Services (Massage Chair): Rs.198/- (30 minutes)
  • 4. Fropcorn Movie Downloading: Rs.65/- per Movie/Video
  • 5. Internet Zone & Infotainment Zone: Rs.132/- (08 to 15 minutes)
  • 6. Souvenir Shop: MRP

Rates are exclusive of applicable taxes/GST. MRP items are inclusive of all taxes/GST.

Q6. What should we carry while visiting Executive Lounge?

A. One photo identity proof issued by Govt. like PAN card, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar card, Driving License etc and valid train ticket either reserved or unreserved.

Q7. Who can stay at Executive Lounge?

A. Any bonafide Railway passenger can stay at Executive Lounge.

Q8. Are debit/credit cards accepted at Executive Lounge?

A. All visa/master/maestro debit/credit cards are accepted at Executive Lounge.

Q9. At which Railway stations do we have Executive Lounge other than New Delhi Railway Station?

A. At present, Executive Lounge is being operated at Agra, Jaipur, Sealdah, Madurai, Ahmedabad other than New Delhi Railway Station.

Q10. How is the time duration of stay in the Executive Lounge measured/calculated?

A. Access to the lounge is controlled by smart card which is issued to each passenger at the time of check-in. Passengers are required to swipe the smart card at the entry door to enter/exit from the Lounge. Once the card is swiped, the time is recorded & the time of stay starts. Entry and exit time is automatically calculated in the system.

Q11. What are the rates applicable for children?

A. Charges for children up to 3 feet of height are complimentary. Anyone above 3 feet height shall be considered person and chargesas applicable shall be charged.

Q12. Can we stay at Executive Lounge while travelling for marriages or in groups?

A. Any Railway passenger may use the lounge services, otherwise eligible, and families travelling in groups or for marriages may also come to lounge. However, it is suggested that in such cases to check availability in advance at executive lounge.

Q13. Is the Lounge information available on 139?

A. The information of Executive Lounge is available on 139. One may SMS "Lounge" to 139 & revert SMS shall be sent from 139.

Lounge operating Timings & availability as per the slot (2 hour). Open at: 00:00 Close at: 24:00